Ready Made companies for sale

We offer various custom prepared Ready Made (Shelf) companies for sale. We will manage the whole company transfer to its new owner as well as professional customer oriented advisory service during the initial selection stage. We are providing newly established Ready-Made companies solely for the purpose of selling them. Its new owner has the opportunity to immediately start any business activity with company that is guaranteed to have a „problem-free “history. You tell us what you need and we will take care of everything else. We can guarantee that every company will be registered in Business/Trade Register.

We offer Ready Made (Shelf) companies that:

  • Do not have any or have „problem-free „economic history
  • Do not have any previous business history or have paused business activity
  • Do not have any liabilities or pending claims and have fully paid-up share capital
  • Companies are registered in Business/Trade Register, Commercial Register and Tax Register
  • We also offer companies that are VAT payers
  • Companies have valid bank account in Slovak bank with an unlimited daily transaction limit option
  • Companies are ready for an immediate transfer including all necessary legal documents

Immediate and entire company transfer

Change of company’s managing director is valid to the day of agreement signature. This means that immediately after a company transfer the signee can represent this company as its managing director. Further changes in Business/Trade Register (partner, managing director, company name, company location, subject of business activity…) are included in the company’s price and will be managed for you.

We offer:

  • Wide selection of custom prepared Ready Made (Shelf) companies
  • Professional advisory and consultation at the selection process of Ready-Made company
  • Possibility to make changes in business and legal form of a Ready-Made company
  • Complete management during the sale process of Ready-Made company and arrangement of all necessary documents for the company transfer
  • Possibility to form various types of business entities (s.r.o. – Limited Liability Company, Joint-Stock Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Co-operative, Enterprise or Organizational Branch of a foreign company and other forms)

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