We offer professional bookkeeping and complex accounting services adjusted to specific requirements and complexity of particular clients accounting processes. Our portfolio of accounting services also includes professional assistance and consulting in the field of small and large companies accounting processes optimization. We are established in Bratislava, but we provide not only Slovak but also foreign clients with our services.

We have long experience with provision of accounting services; therefore, we can advise you in the field of right functioning of your accounting department reliably and effectively from selection of accounting system up to optimization of timely reporting process.

We offer accounting services in these fields:

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Online bookkeeping
  • Outsourcing of accounting
  • Accounting consulting
  • Financial statements
  • Annual accounts of income tax, health insurance
  • Implementation of economic and accounting software
  • Reconstruction of bookkeeping
  • Statutory statements
  • Financial consulting
  • Representation of clients in front of the authorities and insurance companies
  • European accounting and international reporting – according to HGB, IFRS and US GAAP standards

Online bookkeeping

Online bookkeeping provides time-unlimited access to data and data sharing by accounting system user.  We can ensure various online ERP systems (Microsoft Dynamics NAV ”Navision”, SAP, Pohoda, MRP K/S, Softip, Omega, Money, ABRA, Humanet, Helios, Vema etc.) according to client’s particular requirements. System enables client to carry out normal accounting procedures such as invoice and order issuing, status of receivables and results of company monitoring anywhere and anytime.

Client connects to a version of accounting software installed in advance using user name and password. System is fully secured and enables access only to people with access rights.

We have experience with accounting systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) – ERP system suitable for companies which use link with CRM system in the event of more complex corporate processes. Bookkeeping in the system MS Dynamics NAV can be done according to applicable Slovak legislation, if applicable, there is an option “custom” software as necessary for individual requirements of a particular company.
  • SAP – complex ERP software used by big companies. Ideal software for production companies.
  • Pohoda – the most popular Slovak software used also in the Czech Republic. Like Money S3, it has integrated module to control wages and personnel management.
  • MRP K/S – intelligent Slovak ERP system for reasonable price for fast accounting. The system offers verification of companies’ identification data following commercial register of fiscal authority.
  • Softip – over 700 slovak companies are running on this ERP system
  • Omega – accounting software with extended user base. Payroll service is a part of program Olymp.
  • Money S3 and Money S4– local software similar to “Microsoft products” in design. The system offers complex accounting including wages and personnel management.
  • ABRA
  • Humanet – cloud based
  • Helios – robust software is also suitable for manufacturing companies
  • Vema – one of the best system for payroll processing
  • Superfaktúra – simple online application enabling creation of invoices, orders and price offers online.
  • Turbofaktúra – new free product from MRP company.
  • other systems

Consultation Services

We provide consulting for specific field of your company. We ensure everything from particular partial services up to complete formation and optimization of internal accounting department in the field of accounting services. For us, consultation services mean provision of professional assistance on professional level in all fields of financial accounting, wages and taxes.

Outsourcing of accounting

We ensure complete replacement of your internal financial department by means of accounting outsourcing. If you want to form your own department later, we can provide you with professional consultancy services while transiting from outsourcing to own financial or accounting department. Our work is not finished after responsibility handover.

International standards

In the event of company operating on international level with several branches out of home country, we can prepare centralized reports for relevant countries for company on regular basis.


Services in the field of centralized reporting include:

  • Research and setting of local accounting classification for a particular type of entrepreneurship
  • Preparation of local statements for particular countries and their structured connection in one international statement.

Help with Accounting

We can provide companies which work with software SAP, MS Dynamics Navision, MRP K/S, Money S3, Omega, Pohoda and other with professional consulting and help with setting up accounting processes in particular systems.

We offer following within consulting and accounting software implementation:

  • Initial setting of system according to required accounting (charts of accounts setting)
  • Parent company’s chart of account optimizing according to local accounting standards

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    Professional staff with a lot of experience on the local and international level

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